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All Men Are the Same? – Here Are Some Things You Might Not Know About Men

August 11, 2021 Category :Mens Issues Off

Generally if a woman says that all men are the same, she means it in a negative context. Perhaps she is having a hard time with her boyfriend or partner or is struggling to meet a special man whilst going through the many traumas of dating. Most of us have had negative experiences of the opposite sex at some time in our lives, and whilst you still need to take care in deciding when it is safe to trust a man, there are many wonderful men out there. For those of you who may doubt this, here are some things about men that you might not know:

Men want to be our heroes. That’s why they will give us their coat in sub zero temperatures, clear our house of spiders and mice, and protect us from intruders and other menaces.
Men love to make us happy but they will feel pressured if we can only be happy when they are around. They want us to be happy in our own company first. We need to take responsibility for making ourselves happy.
Men want to protect us. They feel pain when we are hurt. They may find it hard to cope if they can’t help us with our emotions. Sometimes they will withdraw to cope with their own pain in these situations.
Men need our respect and admiration. This drives them on to bigger projects and higher achievements. Without respect a relationship will not survive.
Men are generous by nature. They love to give. Giving is a trait of masculinity and we should learn to receive graciously.
Men need our gratitude and appreciation. If a man knows that you always appreciate the things that he does for you, he will always want to do more.
Men need their space. They recover and re-energise in solitude and need space to do “man things”. A man is a free spirit. He will run if he thinks his freedom is going to be restricted.
Men fall in love in their own time and space. A man falls in love with a woman, not when he is in her company, but when he is apart from her. It is therefore very important that you give him the opportunity to miss you.
Men don’t like to be mothered. They want us to trust their judgement and not continually suggest ways that they could be better.
Men want to be accepted for who they are and not be moulded into what we think they should become.

There are so many fantastic men out there and a man who is in love is a wonder to behold. If you still think that all all men are the same then you may be struggling with issues around men and dating. Always take your time to get to know the real man underneath before you allow yourself to get attached. In that way you reduce your chances of being hurt by a man who doesn’t quite make the grade.