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Have You Ever Suffered Depression-Related Mood Disorders

Posted on June 17, 2021 | Comments Off on Have You Ever Suffered Depression-Related Mood Disorders

Depression-related mood disorders are symptoms that occur when a person is suffering from a health problem known as depression. These symptoms usually vary according to the type of depression you may be suffering from, age, or sex. To add on to this, depression- related mood disorders differ in their modes of treatment since some require medicinal treatment while some only need counseling and family support to go away.

For teenagers, depression-related mood disorders include frequent sadness, hopelessness, tearfulness, decreased interest in activities, low energy, social isolation, poor communication and persistent boredom. The levels of these symptoms experienced by the teenager may be evident when he or she starts wearing black clothes frequently signifying sadness in the process, starts becoming preoccupied with songs that have nihilistic themes or just starts crying for no good reason. Other ways that these symptoms could be noticed is by seeing that no effort to maintain personal hygiene or no optimistic thoughts is being considered by the teenager. When all these signs occur, it would be best for the parents to take these children to see professional doctors who would be in a better position to help them come out of this situation.

When we come to women, commonly known depression-related mood disorders that take place are frequent shouting, moodiness, pessimistic thoughts, high levels of sadness, or just keeping to themselves. These disorders are normally brought by hormonal imbalance in their bodies caused by activities such as ovulation cycles, pregnancies, giving birth or by having emotional problems including the loss of a loved one. All these occurrences have the ability to tamper with the hormone level in the body something that greatly affects the functionality of the brain in regards to the control of the person’s emotions and as a result, the above mentioned disorders take place. Men on the other hand have different depression-related mood disorders that mainly comprise of alcohol consumption and having a low self esteem.

These disorders occur as a result of stressful work, bad relationships, business deals that do not materialize or lack of any major achievements in life. When the level of depression is left to advance, insomnia (inability to sleep)could be the result. This sign of depression requires medical treatment for it to stop.When depression sets in one may appear gloomy from then hence forth, be subjected to a self-criticism condition, appear pessimistic at all times and always be seen to be sad.

Depression-related mood disorders in old people mostly tend to differ from the ones that occur in other people. Constant murmuring and frequent complaints of pain usually dominate during the depression episode. These symptoms are mainly caused by the illnesses that keep on attacking the old people together with the side effects that come with the medication used to treat these illnesses. These factors hinder the old person from being able to perform simple tasks that he or she used to undertake. This greatly affects the person’s self esteem and as a consequence of this, depression settles in. Emotional support from family members is usually very vital during these periods or else the old person may just give up on life and ultimately die out of depression.

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